As usual, being in search of the best professionals in the market and positive reports from our customers which we have recommended to the DEA CONSTRUCTION, for the carrying out of small and large restructuring, we signed an agreement with Enterprise Collaboration that allows us to offer our customers the best value for money currently on the market and together with our technical service to 360 ° in order to satisfy the most demanding requirements. DEA CONSTRUCTION comes from 50 years of experience in the construction sector, both public and private, focusing its business Polica use of materials and workmanship of first quality. Being able to intervene in any part of Italy and for any type of work, as well as company policy, could only become our partners ……. We welcome customers to send a floor plan of your property in  and technicians will provide the DEA CONSTRUCTION immediately implement some solutions, a quote or simply to provide useful advice.   After many tests, many of management, we finally found the management that, in our opinion, best meets the needs of Realtors and more. We were looking for a management that you can modify according to our ideas and with a reasonable cost for value for money. On this basis, a collaboration was born, certainly lasting, between the House and the Planet BasicSoft, owner of the management.         It is now a year since we work with a solid credit sector as AESSEFIN Ltd, and we hope that our cooperation will continue for a long time, since the AESSEFIN showed seriousness, professionalism, speed of processing of requests for funding, choice banking and financial institutions. LEAVE A REQUEST FOR QUOTATION     The Planet House is registered to the National Institute Arbitrax, even being present in the administrative bodies of the same, as a Councillor

  Also this year we reaffirm our partnership with Barclays, signed the contract as “Introducer”, affettuiamo direct loading practices for first home purchase mortgage, property purchase, exchange + cash, liquidity pure, mortgage lending, subrogation .. ……..

     A guarantee of real estate with the IIC Holding SpA have enabled, for some time now, an effective collaboration in order to provide a guarantee of royalties, damages, securities, deposits, sudden loss of work by the conductor, and even provide cover and legal expenses incidental to any action for default of the tenant.