Our goal is to create a network of professionally trained agents, headed by a franchisor that works for them in order to:
•  obtain direct banking agreements;

•  obtain affordable advertising contracts;

•  obtain agreements for the provision of certain services;

•  become synonymous with home users.

Each store franchisee Planet House enjoys an established way of working and a constant and continuous updating based on the evolution of the market.

Affiliates are the most important part of our network. Planet House to join the group means being part of a winning team, attend training courses to acquire an established and tested know-how agencies already in place.

Our ongoing work is to seek the most efficient daily basis for the performance of our Affiliates, as well as the initial ones that are provided: training, operational support, management software, custom website, credit arrangements, agreements with companies, advertising of an unlimited number of real estate portals.

Letting agents the opportunity to provide its clients: real estate, banking, business services, and certified company registration certificates, guarantees, e-commerce, estimates, technical construction, acoustic and energy certificates, legal and fiscal 24/24, construction and much more ………………………

The Planet House also offers the possibility to those who have the statutory requirements, to be able to open his own agency from the outset and all for free and as long as the affiliate will not have obtained possession of the necessary requirements ………………