About Us


From a long experience in the real estate/building industry, in NOCERA Inferiore (SA), is born the planet House Srl, that with the help of professionals and consultants will offer users, the ball real estate and construction, a series of services to 360°, them in all stages: from buying the real estate sales, from design to implementation, of the economic aspect financial to notice, from furniture to training. Many services for many users, companies, private individuals, businesses and organizations. Our ultimate purpose is to satisfy our customers, for this reason mediamo the purchase of property that is taken into consideration, for any negotiation, the real market value of a building, in order to bring benefits to both parties. For this the planet House is to make available to all users their expertise and professionalism, through a series of front-office, multimedia and virtual, the first is that of Nocera Inferiore, where it is also played all the work of back-office, but are next the openings to Sorrento, CAVA DE’ TIRRENI, Agropoli, while our front-office virtual you will find them on 350 portals, which allow us to work and sell real estate in all the planet. Our strength, in a market based on the proportion between supply and demand, is the amount of questions that arrives daily.