Technical volumes , the parameters to identify them

Tar Campania: the technical volumes of the buildings are excluded from the calculation of the volume provided they do not take on the characteristics of closed compartment, usable and capable of habitability   With sentence no. 3490/2015 filed on July 2, the eighth section of the Tar Campania provides some clarification on the concept of a “technical volume.” “As clarified by jurisprudence, technical volumes for the purposes of exclusion from the calculation of the allowable volume, shall be construed locals completely free of functional autonomy, even potential, as designed to contain plants serving of a main building, for technical and functional requirements of the building itself (the Council of State, sect. IV, 4 May 2010, n. 2565; TAR Sicily – Palermo Sec. I – judgment of 9 July 2007, n. 1749; TAR Lombardia – Milano, Sec. II, 4 April 2002 n. 1337) and, in particular, those volumes strictly necessary to contain and allowing the location of those technical systems indispensable to ensure the comfort of the buildings, which can not, due to technical features of the plants, be incorporated within the body of the construction feasible within the limits imposed by zoning regulations (TAR Puglia – Lecce, Sec. III – judgment of 15 January 2005 no. 143; TAR Puglia – Bari judgment no. 2843/2004). ” Source (Home &