Private works, what has changed with the Unlock Italy

Article 17 of the Italian DL Unlock intervenes in different points of the Uniform Building Exhibition (Presidential Decree 380/2001) with a simplification: the work of maintenance which consist of split or consolidation of real estate units will be made with Communication construction start (Cil), rather than signaling certified logon (Wake).
Jobs can also result in the change of the surfaces of the individual units as well as the urban load, but do not change the total volume of the buildings and must be maintained its original intended use.
The professional will attest that the changes are compatible with the anti-seismic regulations and with that on the energy performance and, together with Cil, will deliver the design documents. The fine for failure to submit the Cil rooms from 258 to 1,000 Euros.
Are excluded from the simplification of structural interventions.
If the works involve a change in the total volume (as well as prospectuses, as already provided by TU Construction), will continue to be applied for permission to build.
With an amendment to Article 6 of the Consolidated Construction, installation of heat pumps air-air thermal power useful input below 12kW will be included among the routine maintenance achievable without qualifying title.
The Cil will also be valid for the update cadastral: the City will have to forward it to the Agency of the Territory, but only if the work is completed the property owner sends the Immigration Office a ‘notice of completion of work’.
For extraordinary maintenance do not pay the cost of construction – even in cases of surface modification of the individual units, which were previously subject to planning permission – or are due the infrastructure costs, unless that interventions to increase the urban load or floor space.
Regions with an ordinary statute, within 60 days after the entry into force of the conversion law, will address screening on the building free (Cil Cil and sworn). Throughout the Consolidated Housing Denuncia login (Dia) is replaced with the Shah.
Is expanded the series of variations during construction feasible with Scia, and communicate in the phase of completion of work. Can be realized in this way, in a statement of professional, variations in building permits that: do not constitute a change essential; comply with the requirements of urban-building; are implemented after the acquisition of any acts of assent required by legislation to landscape, hydrogeological, environmental, protection of historical, artistic and archaeological and other industry regulations.
To eliminate some uncertainties in interpretation, it is made clear that the regions with ordinary statute law governing the procedures for the implementation of the checks in the procedure for issuance of the certificate of occupancy.
Introduces the concept of “change of use urbanistically relevant” or a change of use of the property than the original, without building works, which involves the assignment of the property to a different functional category from the following: residential; tourist accommodation; production and management; commercial; Rural.
The change in the intended use is always permitted, as long as it is not relevant urbanistically, that falls within the same functional category. Unlike the provisions of the DL, the transition from residential use to the tourist accommodation is considered urbanistically relevant, therefore can not be done freely.
The simplification but will start only after the regions have adapted their legislation or, in any case, after 90 days from the entry into force of the law converting.

SOURCE: edilportale