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As promised , we start the year with new initiatives, to provide our customers with new services and efficient solutions to their problems . In December , we made ​​a pact of cooperation with ” ” but we will give , in exchange for their advice in favor of our clients , a corner in all our affiliated agency . The purpose is to provide a highly specialized consulting to all those who , due to the ongoing time black Italian economy , have found themselves , against their will , foreclosures , mortgages and all transcripts negative , that prevent the marketing of ‘ property , which most often is the only bulwark to reinvest in our business or in new projects . Who knows how many owners do not know of foreclosures or transcripts negative or mortgages never deleted ( equitalia , banks , prosecutors , creditors , etc . ) And they find out only when they decide to sell the property , it is then that the world seems cadergli him. It ‘just from their reactions we heard activate a door ( in each office ) that would provide , for free, the right advice to these problems , reassuring owners . ” Everything is taken , we love to solve problems and not create them ” and remember: PLANET HOUSE SAS ” BECOME A WORLD THAT HOUSE ! ” .