With an eye to the future

In confirmation of our continuing mission to reform the practice of the profession of estate agent, with the intent to return to the market of “true professionals”, November 18, at the invitation of the Institute of Surveyors of high school Cava Tyrrhenians “L . Vanvitelli “Planet House held a small lecture on the process of selling and leasing of real estate and how the figure of the surveyor can actively interact with the real estate agencies. For now, the conference was limited to two classes of third, which showed a great interest in the subject, but in short we plan to hold a new conference for all students in the past three years, with particular attention to those of the fifth year and then repeated in other schools and other contexts. The goal we are pursuing for ten years now, it seems more and more closer, we promised our users to provide a network of professionals who take care of their property and we always keep our promises.