Enabling online courses to all

Thanks to the agreement signed with the CDS SERVICE, which from the beginning of a collaboration between the two companies in order to provide users of Planet House sas the opportunity to attend training courses regularly recognized in the comfort of your home or by going to the front-office of the company. Of course, this partnership aims to offer an excellent service at low cost and high quality, for this reason, after careful selection, we decided to reach out to those in our ranks among the most competent and professional in the industry, just the CDS Service.

This decision was taken, in an almost forced, as for some time, studying the problem of safety in the workplace, we realized that many companies do not regolarizzavano and did not worry about the aspects of security, because in a moment of crisis like this, the observance of safety in the workplace was still too expensive, or at least was in addition to other costs amplified because of the shape of those who eventually became mere intermediaries of the service, without considering that not all workers are available to move and spend their evenings after a long day’s work, to follow a course of training or refresher. Of course not everyone will be so meander in technology to be able to independently follow, albeit with easy access, a training course on line, for this reason, in our every front – office, put a location available to all students that may have little affinity with the web.

We remind everyone that safety in the workplace is of paramount importance, but also remember that the first step, to work safely, is training. Only by knowing the dangers of a workplace you can avoid unpleasant and dangerous accidents.

Anyone wishing more information about the courses can request information using the form on our website “REQUEST A SERVICE” for the prices of courses and services listed below just visit the page on our website “Features.”