how the solidarity fund to stop the payment of the mortgage if you lose your job

in a time like this, where the uncertainty is dominated, takes a not insignificant role in the solidarity fund for the suspension of the payment of the installments of the loan. established by the 2008 budget, it is thought – among other things – for those who lose their jobs and can not meet the commitment made. let’s see what it is and how it works
those who find themselves in a situation where he loses his job and can not pay the mortgage payments can also try to avoid losing the house asking to be admitted to the solidarity fund for the suspension of payment of loan installments. it is an instrument managed by the Consap operating since 2010 at first the endowment was 20 million euro, with time it has come to 80 million euro
but what is the bottom? Access is open to those who are in financial difficulty and allows you to suspend the payment of installments of a loan for the purchase of a principal of not more than 250 thousand euro, for a total period of 18 months, which can also be non-consecutive . suspended the rate they end up in line at the amortization schedule. the end, however, pays only the interest calculated on the basis of irs or Euribor, those due to the spread remain – along with share capital – paid by the borrower, who must have a isee no more than 30 thousand euro
and what are the reasons for which you can apply for admission to the bottom? the suspension of the payment of the installments of the loan can be claimed in the event that the holder dies or is recognized as a severe disability or a disability of not less than 80%, but even in the event of termination of an employment relationship conditional, temporary or permanent – are excluded consensual resolutions – with age limit for pension entitlement to dismissal for just cause or resignation of the employee except for just cause; these same grounds of work in case you ask to skip one or more installments for the termination of employment relationship parasubordinato, or commercial representation or agency
but when it has to be done within the request for suspension? within 90 days from the due date of the installment that you are unable to pay