Property Finder ed Home Stager

The house sas planet evolves and following the trends of the market, with the collaboration of excellent professionals, inserts three new services:



Now the real estate market has moved almost entirely on the web, but while this aspect brings benefits to the estate agents and owners who see their property advertised on many portals, the buyer is not so lucky. In fact, the modern tools, however, can not replace the live tour of the property, this means that the potential customer will still have to spend hours in front of the web, the whole day to visit properties that seem to respond to their needs but turn out to be otherwise . And how many people have time to devote to visiting many properties until you find the ideal one? Today more than ever, time is money for everyone, even for real estate agencies, just for this reason PROPERTY FINDER, will have the task of working does not offer, such as a traditional real estate agency, but on the application.

The tasks of the PROPERTY FINDER:

• Work only with clients motivated

• Understand the client’s budget

• Helping the customer to find a loan

• Know the housing needs of the customer

• Find the emotional needs of the customer

• Looking for the

• Go see the properties before showing them to the client

• Marketing materials: the photo book

• Keeping the customer on the survey results

• Organize visits with the client

• Help the client to make a decision

• Negotiate with the seller

• Helping the buyer with the renovations, removal and insurance

• Maintain relationship with the customer after purchase.


The HOME STAGER is a professional who has the task of making it more palatable any property before it goes on sale, we could call it a ‘designer estate. “There is evidence now that a property with a good-looking, is sold in a very short time, with a ratio of 1 to 3, that is what you normally sells in 3 months, with the assistance of the consultant you sell in a month.

What are the duties STAGER at Home?

• repositioning of furniture;

• the provision of furnishing accessories and / or a list of things to buy to make your apartment more welcoming;

• Advice for the color: the choice of painting, carpets, furniture, or work plans;

• a list of repairs, minor improvements and recommendations for the thorough cleaning of all the details;

• removal from the home of all that is useless.