and we always pay us!!!!!!

If someone believes that the policy has made cuts to public spending , as journalists would have us believe , to finance the recovery of small and medium-sized enterprises , then we can say that would do well to also believe the Epiphany . In fact, not everyone knows , or should have known is perhaps not at all, that in the Law of stability or instability has been inserted an amendment that affects the real estate business , specifically provides that the buyer delivers the sum for the purchase of the notary who will settle on a bottom, through a bank account established for this purpose , for a maximum of thirty days, but it will not be until the transcript of the sales took place . The news what is it? the novelty is that the interest generated by these deposits , will be used to finance small and medium-sized enterprises in financial difficulty . This amendment passed with great silence and with the consent of all , despite , as usual, you put your hands in the portfolio of the Italians.

However, the souvenir sellers gentlemen , before making any commitments , that the sums of their real estate sale he shall receive a maximum of thirty days .