Finally starts!

From 1 January next year will leave the floor of the cash deposits and loans that banks make available to the two billion euro for the provision of loans for the purchase of a first home and for renovations , and the news is that for the ‘ purchase is financed up to 100% and that the banks are obliged to grant the loan to be guaranteed for 50% of the Deposits and Loans Fund . Citizens can access the loan with subsidized interest rates and the CDP will check on the activities of banks and citizens can report any anomalies to the Ministry of Infrastructure .

The loans may last up to 7 years for the restructuring operations and 15 or 25 years for the purchase of a principal . regarding the loan amount , it will be 100 thousand euro for the restructuring , up to 250 thousand Euros for the purchase of a principal and up to 350 thousand Euros for the purchase of a first home with renovation and retrofit , it will finance both fixed and variable rate loans can be up to 100 % of property value .

The beneficiaries will be especially young couples , including unmarried cohabitants , families with at least one disabled person , and large families ( with at least 3 children ) and the mute will be used for the purchase and renovation of the main building , with improved energy efficiency , residential property .

The properties acquired must belong , preferably , energy classes a, b or c.

That no damage banks flow back on the citizens of the lower funding costs , will set up a monitoring mechanism . contracts, in fact, lenders are required to explain the rate at which they are funded by the CDP and the discount will be granted to borrowers with respect to the standard conditions applied by banks for similar loans .

So , to overcome the problem of evidence and passed the balance of the price of the warranty problem , thanks to that provided by the CDP , I firmly believe that from 1 January has ended the period of stagnation in the housing market and especially in the construction sector , whereas at least the sphere of building renovations will undergo a big shake .

Of course, I leave all skepticism to those who have no idea what it means to live in a civilized society and that is part of the mass that reinforces even more the dominant powers and despots , in fact, also this measure will only work if the citizen complaint and controls , according to the instruments indicated , any irregularities perpetrated by the banks.