On New Service

To help our members to cope with the economic crisis , we continue to expand our field of action and continuously seek partnerships with other businesses and solid series , in order to ensure our end users, a service relationship with “OK” , that is, with the right balance between quality and price, where quality refers to the set of intrinsic and extrinsic properties that give a product or service that quality of efficiency and usefulness. Not surprisingly, to get to the determination of the quality of a service , we prefer to personally test the services offered to our members and then call them ” OK”. In light of this our company policy , this new service has been personally tested and only after having taken away the quality of the product, we decided to enter into an agreement with a serious and important the company BB ITALY srl of Rome , which manages hotels and Stays in Italy . Specifically, we entered into an agreement for the sale of weekly stays in its structure ” Riviera Village of the Sun” , a tourist village directly on the Ionian Sea . By virtue of this agreement , from today sell to our users stays at ammunition and so it seems only right to describe it and let you know what are the services that the Italian BB offers in this Resort. The holiday village Riviera del Sole is one of the most enchanting and suggestive of the Ionian coast , overlooking the beautiful bay of the Gulf of Squillace, Cropani Marina and only 20 Km from Capo Rizzuto , in which you can organize, departing from the village , great tours . Separated from the sea , which can be accessed on foot, through a thick pine forest , the entire structure has a large beach sandy type , and private facilities . The apartments are fully furnished and placed in nice buildings with two floors, are equipped with all amenities and feature a kitchenette (with basic equipment : dishes and cutlery) and a veranda . The Resort has 280 units including studios , one and two bedroom apartments, as well as two swimming pools, a soccer field with synthetic grass, a basketball court , two tennis courts, two bocce courts , a field of archery , an outdoor arena for the evenings , a playground for children , a large restaurant, a doctor i chair , two bars ( one by the pool and one on the beach) , ample parking , a team of animators that there give you time to get bored any age . We can say , for us that we tested , which is the resort for the whole family . We are currently testing other valid Resort , to give its users a wide choice , but you will never get to the numbers typical of a tour operator or a travel agency , we do not sell travel, we should not do numbers , sending users odysseys in the unbelievable . We know that for many the holiday week is perhaps the only week of rest and fun for an entire year of work, and not lose sight of this important aspect , we select and endorse agreements only with structures and Resort which ensure us to ” cuddle “Our customers , in order to offer an unforgettable holiday , getting new customers of the structure rather than a less customer for us.
Selection process of the structures Only for maximum clarity to our users, we specify the following stages of the selection process and agreement with the tourist facilities both winter and summer . 1st phase – careful research on the web and other information tools and marketing, the visual impact of structures and descriptions seem qualitatively appropriate . 2nd phase – searching for information on the structure selected , through the opinions of customers left in forums, websites , social networks and blogs. 3rd phase – determining the quality / price ratio , reliance on information obtained . 4th stage – personal verification , with stays of at least one weekend , in the selected structure , naturally as customers, not as potential partners . 5th stage – the final stage, after having personally verified that the structure is valid and provides a quality / price ratio important , we contact the property itself and ask to be contracted for the sale of winter or summer break . 6th stage – or the confirmatory stage, after the stay of our users , we ask you to send us an email with their impressions and their judgment on holiday spent . Only in this way we can all improve and provide better service .