According to recent estimates from Eurostat, the European Statistical Institute , the Italian real estate value in the last quarter , fell further by making attest to Italy after Spain and the Netherlands as third from worst real estate value of the euro zone . In fact, we exceeded negatively Ireland, but what makes you think more is that the Greek real estate market is on the upswing so that does not appear in the ranking of the negative declines in property values. This thing might lead us to think , well, maybe , in addition to the economic crisis , in our real estate market there is something wrong, or better yet maybe being diminished stocks of families , buyers have become more savvy and prudent in the expenditure . From this it follows that despite the recession and despite the decline in sales, real estate agents and owners continue to fuel a parallel market that values ​​incongruous and out of any business logic , creating the stall of the market itself. Let me explain, if the category of Realtors, he had worked over the years , effectively regulating the market, and giving the right value to real estate , we would have had a single sector to drive Italy out of the crisis . Today it is increasingly common among the few buyers in the habit of some sort of analysis of the costs of the property, that is, how much it cost to make a property , what are its characteristics, how old are the property and what should be the margin gain of the seller. Now, considering that if the seller is a company , unlike the private sector, are known the rates of profit that should apply , individuals have no limits and therefore most of the time values ​​are crazy . But what is even more serious and that a competent real estate market, which should be a real estate agent, takes the mandate of these properties and puts them on sale with prices even higher , to give the edge to the negotiations . But if the owners do not want to understand the current crisis , what can a real estate agent ? This is the recurring question of professionals , attributing all the blame to the owners and reduced to simple hacks who publish a property on this and the real estate portal , hoping , at this point, that the ” fool ” of the moment , buy property the crazy price at which it is offered. If in recent years, real estate agents were savvy and professionals have raised awareness among owners with the means that are still available to the class , perhaps not many real estate agents would close and we would not be stalled housing market / construction . A arrivno all the mails that invite real estate agents and owners to make use of the Home stager to beautify your property in order to make it more palatable , even asking for something more. But frankly, as the seller would be willing to throw money to make her presentable apartment , knowing that maybe it will take a year to sell it and almost certainly not the asking price ? I believe none. Then deepen the issue of home stager , which I think is another disturbing element of the real estate market. We must raise awareness among sellers, buyers and as a result , you have to give a particular feature to the property such as to determine the convenience for those who buy it. Quite simply if, when it comes to energy efficiency of buildings, atmospheric emissions , energy consumption, energy efficiency class and everything that goes with it , real estate agents have made ​​it clear to the sellers that a property in the energy efficiency class of type “A” keeps the market and will surely be one of the most sought after type “G ” , today we would be in the following situation: the building with an active market and especially of perspective and a thriving real estate market determined by looking for real estate that have a low operating cost . Of course, even the technicians should explain simply replacing the fixtures is not the best solution to bring the property to a valid category of energy efficiency . Pursued by the Decree of Making and with the entry into force of the Law of stability, Deposits and Loans Fund , will supply the banks to grant loans to purchase real estate with interest rates very low , someone might seem like another aid to banks, and perhaps it will become , because if the law allows relief only for the purchase of properties in the energy class of type A, B and C and also provides funding to carry out construction work in order to redevelop their property and take in one of the energy classes indicated , most likely, since buildings in Italy which stood in those categories are very few , the funds will remain on banks and once again have pretended to propose lines of credit. In fact, with these new laws , in a certain way , the state is asking banks to make the banks , but if no one takes advantage of the situation and who is not eligible to take advantage of the aid granted , we should not complain the absence of the state, we are sly little mentalizzati . Why should it be difficult to explain to the owners that if we continue this way and not keeping pace with the times, are likely to become owners of nothing. Why we should not overlook the fact that Italy stands as the nation with the real estate and more obsolete in the world, then the least efficient from many points of view . Efficient , this word that many do not seem to know , but when I buy a car and after years of wear becomes inefficient , what do I do ? The shelter up to the point of making new efficient and if not possible, the exchange rate. If after ten years my car consumes a lot and while doing maintenance on the engine continues to consume as much , change it with a new one and new technologies or natural gas powered , not because consumption but nonetheless because the methane consumes less than other fuels. The attention to this aspect means to evaluate the efficiency whether or not a purchase , it means having investing wisely . Why should I buy a property of 100 square meters in Category G , and that makes me consume 2 – 3 thousand euro per year for heating as well as all other operating expenses that are there? Why should not I sell my property and buy a G category A or B or C, and maybe with a small photovoltaic system that will enable me to save up to 50% on the supply of electricity ? Perhaps the only explanation could be that it is not easy to find a property with these requirements , and what follows from this? Property that will become sought after , and in that case , and only in that case the sellers will have reason to ask for a higher price than the market , even 30 % more.