Creation of the identity card of the property

Already on June 10, our company was an internal investigation of its affiliates and its employees to know that feedback would activate a new service, which provided an administrative investigation, urban planning, tax on real estate.
Well while we are asked about the possibility of selling such a service in order to ensure buyers and hold the owners from tedious tasks, the Board of Notaries of Venice and real estate agents have agreed, July 16, in order to introduce a document that ensures the traceability of the houses, a sort of identity card of the property that reassures the buyer struggling with a sale. the book is real estate, and literally the article says: “the first of its kind in Italy.” Once again there are those who come after us, but believes he has discovered the hot water!
However, pursued this agreement, if so far all tests on real estate were paid by the buyer, will now be the same as real estate agents to certify all the procedures carried out. the booklet will contain cadastral data of the property, changes in ownership, the existence of any mortgages, bonds and charges, any pending litigation, the amount of the expenses, the common parts, the practicability, any amnesty . all in a final synthesis report prepared by the same real estate agent. In addition to the booklet, the protocol signed by real estate agents and notaries, provides for other measures to protect buyers and combat abuse of the role of real estate broker. as an additional protection there as required by law on the reform of the license, or an entry to the database of the Chamber of Commerce.
Ultimately, real estate agents take responsibility for that notaries have never taken, merely collecting statements of the parties.
We can not say that this government and the various professional bodies, as you are not working to completely destroy the real estate market in Italy, perhaps to get to symbolic values ​​of entire cities, as did Vittorio Sgarbi, but for a project of great interest namely, the recovery of the historical center, which is now a ghost town, just to encourage the big investors.
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