1 Friendship Tournament

Here we go again, this year the Planet House sas, was pleased to invest in advertising for the sport. But this time he did it with active participation, organizing, along with capable staff, the First FRIENDSHIP TOURNAMENT, 11 amateur football to be held on the sports field of Pucciano in Nocera Superiore (SA), from 17 June 2013 until the final to be held on July 30, 2013. Despite an ‘organization of only 7 days, for the beginning everything seems to turn for the better and hopefully will work for the duration of the amateur sports competition.

And because where there is sport, healthy fun, but above all healthy competition, the Planet House sas asks for nothing more than to dive full commitment, taking advantage of the passion of some friends, he founded his own team, the Planet Soccer House, which of course will participate the Tournament of Friendship and then who knows …………………………….