Extensions and no

Extended, with the latest stability law, the deadline for the submission of documents risk assessment with application of standardized procedures for all owners of VAT. The new term will therefore be 30 June 2013.
No extension instead for rural buildings, having lost the character of rurality, were obliged to pass in the Urban Agency of Natural Resources by 31/12/2012. In fact there seems to be a real mystery about the only amendment to the law of stability by Izzo, who foresaw the rporoga of time, as the same amendment has disappeared and no one knows what happened.
Be careful, however, to those who are going to be to install a system of photovoltaic panels. In fact, many people ask if it is true that the incentives for such administrative attention will end on March 30 and if by that date, the system must be completed and running as some refer to installation companies, which continue to hold in the customer offer gift, who does not fit the system by March 30, or even motorcycles, appliances, stays a dream holiday. The truth is that if the installation companies, by the date of March 30, they will become part of a consortium accredited to ensure the disposal of the plant, environmental protection and emissions in it, the system will not have no incentive, and since not all companies will have easy access to the consortia and above almost any company takes responsibility to dispose of the plant at the end of its natural life and operational. What is the real problem, which is not covered in these consortia, will be just the manufacturers and installers of photovoltaic systems that will no longer have any incentive, because maybe not everyone knows that the real incentive will take them.