Standardized procedures and DVR

by 2013, as required by D.I. 30/11/2012, all companies under 10 employees and companies with up to 50 employees that do not present any particular risk conditions, to adopt the Standardized Procedures for assessment of risks. to remember that until that date, companies with up to 10 employees, had only the obligation of self of any risks associated with the type of work and training and information for staff. From 1 January 2013 the application forms must be replaced by the DVR prepared in accordance with standardized procedures, of course, are exempt from the preparation of the DVR all professional and / or commercial and / or artisans who have no employees and no employee. So to the many questions that come to us, “the real estate agencies are required to prepare the document a risk assessment?” Reply that: if there are employees and / or collaborators, there is no obligation on the DVR, but if we assume an employee or collaborator, even for short periods, but still higher than thirty days, the real estate agent has the obligation to draw up the DVR. The technical department of the Planet House sas, it has drawn up a document risk assessment paperwork and document a risk assessment of stress from work, who want to be manuals for its affiliates and brokers to avoid the risk of accidents and stressed out at work and then to produce more, but with the right mental and physical effort. Furthermore, the Planet House knows, will determine the level of stress of each affiliate and procacciatore, monitoring it and improving it in order to improve the quality of working life.