IMU, tax unconstitutional

The European Union has defined the IMU tax that affects the rights of citizens and helps to lock the housing market, for as conceived and edited by Mr. Monti. In fact, the IMU, to be fair and have a redistributive effect, should be amended in a more progressive and especially states that before the tax office, it was necessary to take into account criteria have favored the houses and who do not have had a negative effect on the housing market. Same idea seems to be Tremonti, who, along with Calderoli, invented the IMU, arguing that the tax has become unconstitutional due to changes made by Monti, had in fact introduced a heavy sheet that affects everybody, but, in this way , damaging those who only have the house to house. The real problem lies in the fact that the Monti government has reassessed the cadastral income of 60%, without taking into account the market value has dropped, perhaps 60%, and without giving the rate of tax and the same for every citizen, but each municipality had the power to increase or decrease the rate of the IMU, so there were those who paid 5.5 per thousand on the first house, who 4 per thousand and who the 2 per thousand, creating human discrimination and an unequal criterion of payment of taxes that should be fixed, if the VAT is 21% in Naples, it is in Rome and Milan, the difference must be made simply from taxable. That is, it is logical that a property in Rome has a value other than a property that is in some small town in Calabria, but the rate to be applied should be the same for both common and this is the first house for all other properties. Anyway, after they charged tax on all models now have come to appeal and for the repayment of amounts unduly paid. Enclosed you will find the aforementioned models to be forwarded to the municipalities, and if within 90 days of the municipalities do not respond we must have recourse to the competent Provincial Tax Commission, highlighting the reasons of unconstitutionality of the IMU and asking for the remission of the case to the Constitutional Court. The model for the use aforesaid be found in the Annex. Hopefully it is not only found another policy to attract votes in the election campaign.