Evictions in Italy – fighting them

The law Stability evictions extension until 31 December 2013 and up to June 30, 2013. Article 1, paragraph 412 (Law 12/24/2012 n ° 228, OJ 29.12.2012) reads as follows: “It is extended to 31 December 2013 as the deadline provided for in Article 1, paragraph 1, of Decree-Law 20 October 2008 no. 158, with amendments, by law. Dec. 18, 2008, n. 199.
but the law only speaks of evictions due at the end of the lease, and therefore certainly not addressed to tenants in arrears, which will continue to be evicted according to existing laws and inappropriate. In fact, today, if we consider that 90% of evictions are due to involuntary tenant arrears, which, as a result of the crisis, has unexpectedly lost the job, we realize that in the law of stability, for a change, it is thought only to stabilize their interests and powers. Never more than now needed a law to stabilize the social unrest. The political class has made endless campaign on the fundamental principles of the Italian people: work, family, home. No doubt the first was taken to stramaggioranza the Italians, without prior notice and with unprecedented violence, so many are lost or soon will lose the third principle is that the house, whether owned or rented, and how long think it will take for the decay of all the families in the throes of economic crisis and homeless? I do not think that they can do the words of the Holy Father, who continually invites to believe in the value of the family, because he realized the critical moment, and can not do any asset that does not take away money from the rich and give it to anyone. Waiting for someone with a good heart begins to put his hand to the resumption of growth in this country, the law of stability could have predicted a provision that would allow a reduction of up to 50% of the rent, a total exemption of taxes for owners favoring tenants in difficulty with fees for the suspension of all procedures for the issue of property promoted by anybody (owners, banks and sundry creditors). Yet such a measure would have been preferable and cheaper for the state, in fact, public housing, already did not guarantee housing to those in right before the crisis, let alone now that the beneficiaries have quadrupled. All of these, a short homeless, what will happen, where they are going to live? As the state guarantees a right enshrined in our Constitution is that of the dignity and social equality? In light of these considerations, the Planet House sas, aims to promote an association of social promotion that will aim to provide a roof for the less wealthy, identifying areas for housing development and reuse of public buildings left in disrepair. Social housing is provided for your general interest to safeguard social cohesion and to reduce the housing problems of disadvantaged individuals or families. Join!! Sending an email from the site www.planethousesrl.com. You have to understand that the strength of recovery of our country we are citizens, not politicians or a select few rich people who help the country bring their capital and their activities abroad. REMAIN IN ITALY!! WE DO THIS COUNTRY WESTERN FLAGSHIP OF THE ECONOMY!!