PRE-POST (improve the relationship between landlord and tenant)

With the advent of the crisis, there has been a decline in the sale of the property, due to the fact that many lenders have tightened lending policy for consumers, but there was an important factor, the increase in lease negotiations . In fact, decreasing the chance to buy the property, it was desirable to increase the demand for lease. In recent years, with the deepening of the crisis, despite the increase in demand for rental, the monthly fees have not been increases, as would be according to the law of a normal market, but the owners, for fear of insolvency, prefer establish a more affordable fee. This does not mean that they are devaluing their property, but simply that you are aligning market values ​​with actual property values. Nevertheless, the potential is conducting a number of difficulties in the pre-contractual stage, as landlords require references and information on the income so as to ensure the punctuality and regularity of future payments. Unfortunately, we must recognize that most of the time, this selection, sometimes also class, is not synonymous with certainty of payment for the following common reasons: 1) The owner does not have the means to check whether the document earnings (payroll) is real or adjust; 2) The owner does not have the means to know the rating of the conductor (bad payer, the presence of harmful, etc..) 3) The owner may not know any past history of the conductor (past locations, any delay, any damage caused to the rented conducted earlier). So what happens is that some owners more worried, ask the rental agreement is also signed by a guarantor with certain income (pensions, public employees, property owners). But when there is no guarantee that what happens? That the property remains empty for long periods without producing income, and the conductor are the doors closed in my face. In this scenario, more comforting, the Planet House sas has always been sensitive to the problems that may be encountered in the real estate and the protection of property owners but also those who intend to use the property, created a new service, the pre post. What’s this: after withdrawing the proposal to lease and prior to acceptance, the owner or the applicant, with a small charge can take advantage of a service: “PRE” – Question INPS for regular pay envelope; – Visura protests, prejudicial, CRIF and Experian on the proponent to credit history; – Collection of information on previous reports of lease contracts by the proponent; – Insurance coverage for references to the customer at the request of the owner.
“POST” – Financial surety to cover the deposits, twelve-month, of any expenses legal proceedings for the issue of the property, any damage to the property and unlimited; – Service for the collection of monthly fees to their home of the conductor; – Problem solver, with first aid for any minor maintenance work. It is useless to specify what would be the benefits to the owners, they may appear to complete the prerogative of the services of the same, is very different for conductors, for which it is necessary to remark what are the advantages reserved for them: 1) with the phase “PRE” are created or evidenced by the references of the conductor; 2) with the phase “POST” creates safeguards which, translated into monetary terms, it means not to pay the deposit to the owner, to be sure, in the event of job loss or temporary injury, payment of the monthly fee of up to twelve months.
the hope is not to block the only branch of the real estate market that objectively should lord it over the next two years. We are seeing a daily increase in unemployment, with large companies from Italy to escape the excessive tax burden and labor costs are too high, only a paycheck may not be a valid reference to ensure an economic relationship that should last at least 4 years. The financial guarantees and insurance also are issued by financial institutions and insurance companies that are owned by banking groups solid and dictate the rules of the market, can hardly close suddenly and can hardly create the unemployed with the same rapidity that, as we are seeing in the last times, are having Italian companies. So what happens? We get overwhelmed by fear and keep the empty buildings, giving only an income to the state and municipalities? No! We create the alternative! “THE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN OF YOUR STATE, ALWAYS GIVE THE BLAME THE CIRCUMSTANCES. PEOPLE WHO GO FORTH IN THIS WORLD ARE THOSE WHO SEEK DAMAGES TO DO AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT WANT AND IF NOT ABLE TO FIND A THE CREATE “(George Bernard Shaw)