Is improved more and more

 Our policy of expansion and brand awareness, is proceeding according to schedule reservations for local options are increasing day by day, to sign the contracts are more and more, our services are increasing. nevertheless begin to have our first problem is easily overcome, thanks to our company policy, while continuing to ensure that the other affiliates a brand synonymous with effficienza, professionalism and seriousness. our customers and our Affiliates, formed by Planet House, notra know very well the seriousness and professional integrity. To date we are proud to be particularly valued for our professionalism, even from colleagues and other brands throughout Italy and beyond. Not be explained otherwise, made collaborations with colleagues in Milan, Rome, Pescara, Livorno, Catania, Bari, Cosenza, Perugia, Vienna, Berne, Madrid, Moscow, Kiev, Prague, Miami, London, in addition to our dearest colleagues in Campania . For these reasons, when one of our affiliate or simply a Business Agent or employee is guilty of highly improper professional conduct, against the company, customers, colleagues or network of colleagues in general, it is immediately removed from the network and the private of all the benefits and resources that are granted by joining our network of agencies. So it is with great regret, despite our repeated attempts to recover, and after a continuous activity of unheeded warnings, communicate with customers, affiliates, brokers, employees and our partners in general, Rosanna Grassi, purveyor of business / Planet of Nocera Lower House member, is no longer part of our group from 18 February 2012. For our part we can not help but wish Rosanna Grassi to understand one day the importance of vocational training and the mission of the realtor.

We apologize from now with all users of our former franchisee, or in any case all those who have had contact, inform them that if they give us another chance, so we would have to be forgiven, not only by knowing the true professionalism of Planet House, but also reserving a fifty percent discount on all our services.